"International Rugby Coaching and Kicking Consultancy that strive to bring across the philosophy of the game using the principles of fair play, integrity, honesty and good sportsmanship in our teaching..."

"Rugby is not just a game, it's a way of life..."

"The fly-half must be the tactician, the fulcrum of the side, with the confidence to call thew shots and to select the percentage options. He must have the ability to change strategy as the game goes along; he must punt accurately with either foot; and he requires soft hands so that in an instant he can provide weight and direction of pass thast would prove beneficial to those on either side of him. He needs to have sharp acceleration becuase his opportunities to break will be few and far between, so they must not be wasted. It is a bonus if he revels at explosive tackling, and an additional bonus if he can slot a drop goal of either foot. The garryowen [up-and-under] the grubber kick, the diagonal punt, and the neat chip ahead also have to be part of his repetoire. He has to have the confidence and judgment to direct operations and to select the most fruitful ploys, and he must take full part in the forward and cover defense systems in operation" 

Bill McLaren ("The Voice of Rugby")  BBC Commentator


"Thinus has done one on one elite level rugby training for my son Mitchell for most of the 2011 rugby season and I highly recommend him. Thinus brings a level of expertise and dedication to rugby training that has allowed Mitchell to take his rugby skills to an even higher level."  

Mark Harris. Father to Mitchel Harris. Ontario Junior Blues

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"Soli Deo Gloria - Our talents for God alone" 

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